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Moringa Wellness Moringex Cacao flavor Health Bar

Moringa Wellness Moringex Cacao flavor Health Bar
Provides quick boost of energy and very filling snack. Hoodia is native to Southern Africa and has been used for centuries by local people as an appetitte suppressant. Great for snacks, lunch boxes traveling energy
Developed for healty great tasting snack, filled with 100% natural ingredients for the lunch box, office, work place and sports people. Tasty alternative to protein bars. Moringex is an all in one bioavailable nutritional combination that helps top up amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins used up during extreme athletic activity. The coconut MCT allows for a “clean” fat burning energy release that has been shown to enhance performance. Also encourages fat burning during exercise. Hoodia acts as an appetite suppressant keep hunger away longer. Moringex: Assists in maintaining blood pressure, Boosts Immune System, Prevents Arthritis, Aids in Digestion, Prevents Diabetes, Boosts Brain Health Helps in Weight Loss. Sugar Free, Wheat & Gluten Free, Vegan & Banting compliant. High in antioxidants, Contains essential amin acids. NON GMO. Allergens none. Ingredients: Hoodia plant extract,desiccated coconut, polydextrose fibre, Xylitol, dried cranberry, coconut oil, Moringa Oleifera extract, citric acid, natural flavor, salt. Allergens: None

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