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Restful Sleep - All Natural and Organic Chinese Herbs Dietary Supplement

Restful Sleep - All Natural and Organic Chinese Herbs Dietary Supplement


"Reduces anxiety & occasional sleeplessness. Non-interrupted rest. Refreshed in the morning. Main active ingredients: Suan Zao Ren (Sour Jujube Seeds) & Long Gu (Dragon Bone)" Suan Zao Ren has shown by modern research to be a natural, safe way to treat insomnia. It has been shown repeatedly in controlled experiments to inhibit the central nervous system as well create a sedated effect on users. This herb can be taken throughout the day and provides a safe, sedative effect that aids in restful sleep. It also helps to reduce anxiety, fidgeting and an overworked mind (obsessive thoughts). Long Gu is a sedative that reduces stress and calms the mind. It is mainly used for its ability to calm the spirit (shen) and relaxes the nerves. It does this by opening up the heart and liver meridians while stabilizing mood. ZEN BLEND HERBS is all natural; organic; caffeine free; dairy free; soy free; gluten free; GMO free; and contain no artificial dyes or flavors. ZEN BLEND HERBS have the right blend of active ingredients that help make us stronger, faster, more balanced and energetic so we can get the very most out of our bodies. "CRAFTED WITH QUALITY, PASSION, and EXPERIENCE. Sifu Mathew Carver, Master Herbalist and Wellness Architect for Zen Blend Herbs, is a Certified Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and Author of “The Five Chinese Elements and the Lost Art of Change” and “Zen Recovery Path Workbook”.

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