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Gevir Deer Velvet 60 Capsules

Gevir Deer Velvet 60 Capsules


Gevir deer velvet gives strength, protects & restores. Rich in naturally occurring nutrients, deer velvet promotes good health, healing & immunity, and increases stamina and energy. We’ve harnessed the renewable and powerful qualities of this natural product to create the premium dietary supplement that is Gevir Deer Velvet. Our deer velvet is made by nature, then sourced and handpicked from only the best New Zealand deer farmers. The deer are free range, grass fed and naturally raised in excellent growing conditions. All our farmers are veterinary Association accredited and certified using strict animal welfare codes to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all animals. Unlike other countries deer are not killed to harvest deer velvet in New Zealand, one of the purest places on earth. Our velvet is sourced from some of the highest quality deer bloodline and genetic stock found in the world. This means you get a premium and pure product free from man-made chemicals and synthetic additives.

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